Introducing THEXCH!

Consupro is pleased to announce the beta release of our latest project. THEXCH will operate in concert with Consupro to increase our members' visibility and accessibility on the Internet. Whether your organization specializes in business to business or business to consumer, for profit or nonprofit endeavors, THEXCH will help you get noticed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Announcing THEXCH! (Beta)

What does THEXCH do?

THEXCH (THE eXCHange) consolidates your business information, company brochure and catalogs in a searchable online business directory.

How does it benefit my organization?

THEXCH delivers visual search results and displays the essence of each business. This way, visitors can search, select, and narrow results into manageable lists.

When does my information appear on THEXCH?

When potential members register, their information is reviewed for accuracy before being displayed in the directory. Once approved, THEXCH makes it very easy for its active members to upload product and service information to their company profile and keep it updated.

Where does my information appear?

Your information appears on the search results pages according to your core competency.

Why should I join THEXCH?

To make your company known to the appropriate audience globally and enable potential clients to see your specialty in one glance. Best of all, a Basic membership in THEXCH is FREE. Register now!