B2B eCommerce Made Simple

Streamline Selling with Consupro's eShowroom Solutions

Put your latest product information before your customers and sales force in near real time so that they can make accurate business decisions. Consupro offers some of the best tools technology can provide to help you create and maintain your eShowroom efficiently. As a Vendor, you will also benefit from access to the profiles of thousands of professional Buyers registered in Consupro’s marketplace who visit and order regularly.

Key Benefits

A common up-to-date product information center greatly increases efficiency and reduces errors. With customized business rules in place, your eShowroom will keep you focused on what you can deliver. It also assists the sales team in your physical showroom, allowing them to sort and filter product information in a variety of ways to address buyer questions accurately.
Combine email marketing with the creation of dynamic web pages displayed as product information sheets. This module generated excellent results in 2006, increasing both selling and buying opportunities. It has been further enhanced with suggestions from our customers.
Order Tracking & Documentation
Provides you and your Buyers with comprehensive visibility into your Supply Chain. Buyers are automatically notified about the status of their orders - starting with the approval of their order and ending with an advance shipment notice. All order-related communications are conveniently stored with the order so that any authorized person can follow the information flow. Also, Invoices and Packing Slips are available to buyers online.
Credit Cards
Accepting Credit Cards online gives you the flexibility to take deposits against orders placed by customers that have not built a credit history with your company. This module also provides online statements for your customers and accounting department.
Eliminates order writing and requests for printed material. Buyers can download product information and convert it into orders later. Purchase orders are stored online for two years with products linked to their digital images even when they have been removed from your Catalogs, giving buyers the confidence to buy and a history of their purchases. Further, purchase orders can be imported into existing Order Management Systems without being keyed. Integration dramatically reduces your administration costs.
Allows you to show specific products exclusively to special customers at inside prices. Delivery dates & customer Terms of Payment can also be personalized on a customer-by-customer basis.
Visual product representation of orders and invoices throughout the supply chain dramatically increases communications efficiency and reduces errors.
Data Bridges eliminate the need for manual eShowroom maintenance. They are synchronized with your own internal systems to keep your product information continuously up to date. The objective is to automate as much as possible and eliminate the menial tasks your sales force must perform to keep buyers properly informed.
Every product's activity is measured to provide you with information about your best (and worst) selling products. Abandoned orders are saved to give your sales team the opportunity to follow-up with those customers.