eProcurement Made Simple

Streamline Buying with Consupro's eShowroom Solutions

Consupro helps corporate Buyers establish a win-win relationship with participating Vendors, streamline their operating costs and manage their entire procurement process securely online. Buyer membership is strictly confined to the Business to Business (B2B) community.

Consupro helps you invest your time in your business and reduce your traveling & procurement costs by improving productivity with a true win-win business model which saves you both time and money. Sign up for your FREE membership today. You'll be pleased with the results!

Key Benefits

Easy Sourcing
Source directly from member Vendors. Consupro charges NO transaction or Handling fees. The service is FREE to qualified Buyers. You can opt-in to receive alerts when Vendors offer Promotions and Special Discounts.
Security and Confidence
All transactions take place in a secure environment and the cart system is Credit Card (CC) enabled. For your protection, Consupro NEVER stores your entire CC information in its databases. Your orders are stored securely in your Buyer Console for 2 years to increase your confidence to buy. Also, every ordered product is linked to its original image to guard against unauthorized substitutions and provide you with a visual history of all your orders - even when products are removed from vendor catalogs.
Efficient Shopping
Product information is displayed in a professional, organized and efficient manner with flexible filtering and sorting capabilities to help you shop according to your preferences so that you can make clear and informed purchasing decisions. Also, you can shop from multiple catalogs concurrently and select all your products before finalizing orders.
Eliminate Paperwork & Increase Productivity
The need for printed materials, writing orders & notes are no longer required. You can save Vendors' product information online and quickly convert it into orders at a later time. Consupro's internal message tracker keeps all order-related communications with Vendors in one convenient place so that any authorized person can follow the information flow in the supply chain.
Portability, Documentation & Tracking
Eliminate the Order Entry process entirely. Import orders placed online directly into your existing order management system. With seamless visibility into your vendor's Supply Chain, automatic notification begins with approval of your orders and ends with an Advance Shipment Notice along with a tracking number. All payments executed by Credit Card are documented and displayed in your online statement. Invoices and Packing Slips are available online immediately before shipments leave Vendors' facilities.