Business to Business Solutions for SMBs

Streamline Business with Consupro's eShowroom Solutions

A Proven B2B Business Model

Business-to-Business (B2B) e-Commerce success can be summarized in three words: Content, Service and Traffic.

  • Content: Providing well presented content with continuous and accurate updates helps you sell what you can deliver and helps Buyers make informed business decisions.
  • Service: Servicing customer orders or inquiries promptly and transparently increases customer satisfaction. Providing the right tools to manage orders online improves buying confidence.
  • Traffic: Having access to over 4,000 professional buyers and being exposed daily to over 2,000 unique visitors increases your chances of success.

Consupro's web based e-Showroom technology streamlines the entire Buying & Selling process with advanced eCommerce, Order Management, Picking and Invoicing tools which optimizes electronic collaboration and helps Vendors provide excellent customer service.

What are the main components in Consupro’s advanced eShowroom technology?

Product & CAD Catalogs
Display rich audio and visual content both online and via email.
Easy Navigation
Buyers can view Products & CADS in different formats with various filtering and sorting utilities.
Merchandizing Tools
Delivers rich product information (including audio/video files), cross-selling features and feedback tools to improve communication and collaboration.
Marketing Tools
Sends rich visual promotion material via email on a 1 to 1 or 1-to-many basis.
Continuous Updates
Increases on time order completions and reduces negative follow-ups.
Visitor Tracking
Helps monitor customer interest and provides you with relevant feedback.
Advanced eCommerce
Enables you to present products in different selling formats and helps buyers place orders via a secure, easy-to-use shopping cart system.
Downloadable Orders
CSV and other file formats of online transactions can be downloaded from Consupro and easily integrated with your systems.
Order Management
Advanced visual tools helps you provide state-of-the-art customer service.
What are the Key Benefits for your business?

Control your Content
Create and manage your content easily. Upload your logo, personalize your profile and change the look and feel of your e-Showroom with a variety of preset templates.
Increase Traffic
Use targeted mass email marketing to communicate specials and promotions to your Buyers and increase traffic to your website through Consupro’s portal.
Restrict Access
Provide secure access ONLY to business customers (retailers, etc.) that you approve.
Personalize Visibility
Restrict access to special offers, private programs and inside pricing to a select group of VIP customers.
Granular Reporting
Review actionable reports with employees and customers to help them make better decisions.
Lower Costs
Secure online ordering significantly reduces customer service and order processing costs and eliminates manual keying by transmitting orders electronically into your system.
Increase Overall Productivity
Continuous up-to-date product information, delivery schedules and inventory data improves employee and sales force productivity as well as doing wonders for customer service.

Are the productivity gains quantifiable?

Absolutely! Consupro not only makes it easy for your customers to do business with you (complete with free tech support), but also assists you in promoting your web site. Our commitment to excellence combined with deep technical expertise and a thorough understanding of the supply chain helps you achieve quantifiable productivity gains.